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Pressure Sensors & Transducers

Mini Series Pressure Transducer

With a diameter of only 0.5 inches and an overall length of less than 1.0 inch, the mini series pressure transducer was designed for applications involving a limited amount of space. In addition, this series was also designed to be not only accurate, but rugged as well. With a standard operating temperature of 300º F, optional temperature limits up to 500º are available.

Mini Series Pressure TransducerOptions:
• Range: 0-1,000 psi to 0-20,000 psi
• LED display
• Differential pressure measurement

• Max excitation voltage: 10Vdc (5 Vdc for optimum stability)
• Full scale output (FSO): 2-3 mV/V standard
• Overload: 50% over rated capacity without zero shift
• Non-linearity: less than 0.3% FSO*
• Hysteresis: less than 0.2% FSO
• Non-repeatability: better than 0.05% FSO
• Thermal zero shift: less than 0.005% per º F
• Thermal span shift: less than 0.010% per º F


SPG/DPG Series Pressure Transducer

The SPG/DPG pressure transducers are our most versatile line of pressure transducers. A number of pressure port options as well as electrical connection options are available. The unit shown to the right has flying leads as its electrical connection and a 9/16" high pressure fitting as its pressure port. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

SPG/DPG Series Pressure TransducerOptions:

• Range: 0-500 psi to 0-20,000 psi
• Differential pressure measurement
• Optional 400º F or 500º F service available
• LED display

• Max excitation voltage: 12V max (1,000Ω); 20V max (3,500Ω)
• Full Scale Output (FSO): 2-3 mV/V standard
• Non-linearity: <0.1% FSO for 10,000 psi and higher; <0.2% pressures below 10, 000 psi*
• Hysteresis: less than 0.2% FSO
• Non-repeatability: better than 0.05% FSO
• Zero balance: typically within ±2% FSO, available down to ±0.5%
• Thermal zero shift: less than 0.001% per º F
• Thermal span shift: less than 0.002% per º F 


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